23 Aug

So my friends all collected their Mother Tongue O level results for the paper they took in June,today. And many of them got either a c6 or a b3 or a distinction. For those that got a distinction and deserved it, well done!! And I know there are some who worked hard for their Chinese but got a mediocre score, it’s quite sad. But what really annoys me the most are people who aims to only pass Chinese and when they actually do pass Chinese, like a c6 for example, they are really happy about it and think that it’s the most brilliant score ever. For goodness sake, have a little more pride in your roots and Chinese origin and your own mother tongue! It disgusts me how people put in so little effort for Chinese and tell everybody “oh yeah who cares it’s just Chinese!” Have more self respect please. And when they get the C6, they’ll go AWWW YEAH MOTHERFKERS IM DONE WITH CHINESE , well, that already shows how much you’ve put in. I mean, I do have friends who got just a pass in the Chinese O’s and say “ahhh I passed Chinese I’m done here” but they DO hand up their work and well,you know put that small bit of effort in.
And I know it’s ironic that I’m saying put in effort for Chinese when I’m taking Higher Chinese and not handing in my work regularly, but I don’t JUST want to get a c6, I want at least a decent B3 please. And yes, I’ll do my Chinese work.



17 Aug

So I really had to blog/journal this down otherwise I would forget. So I dreamt that I had a crush on someone and he happened to be Caucasian (ahem) and like he was sitting at the same table as my dad and I and i don’t know my dad suddenly talked about dating and we looked at each other and quickly looked away and as if my dad knew something was up, (this part is blank b/c I can’t rmb) and then I think we liked each other back and kind of “dated” for that night. And acted like a couple. And I rly can’t rmb what happened after that. Ah the dream was bliss


8 Aug








What’s been up with my life
I’m thinking of starting a .com next year!! Hopefully with a more exciting life but for now,Wordpress will suffice.
Anyway, been doing a few crafty things with my hands recently and also celebrated national day in school + I wanted to wear a white dress but the school might find it revealing or whatever so I didn’t!!! #fashionmagazinesplsspotme ahhh I want to get spotted by some magazine or fashion company )-: help!! Alright my life is very monotonous I will make it exciting.
Till then,


3 Aug

I would love it if someone was there to protect me, someone physically there because I mean, I know my God will be here forever and always. And I would like Him to send me someone who would be there, 24/7. I don’t know if I’ve found mine. Maybe it’s just right before my eyes and I just can’t seem to grasp it because I refuse to believe it. Telling myself that I’m not good enough to be that special someone because there’s always gonna be that other one. But if you are that one, if one day you ever read this, I want to say thank you, beautiful. And I love you.

Hair for hope

3 Aug

Hair for hope is meant to raise funds and show support for cancer patients and is held annually. This year, instead of glorifying the event, it made the headlines in a negative way. Now, I’m not saying I don’t support Hair for Hope, after all my mom was a cancer patient. And I truly admire those that went to shave for the sole purpose of giving support to cancer patients and saying “Hey it’s okay to be bald.” Every coin has a flip side and for HFH, there are the few that shaved for the purpose of gaining,to put it bluntly,recognition and attention. It’s kind of like “Look at me I shaved I’ve got the guts to. Do you?” Sure, it takes a whole lot of guts and balls to even register for HFH and eventually shave off a head full of hair but what’s the main motive? Is it really to do it as an act of support or just garner favor and praise from the people around you? If you are from Singapore and read about the saga that’s been created, then you would probably know where this is heading. I won’t waste time to elaborate on the story because to be honest, it’s a very dumb one but I’ve got a few points to put across tonight. Firstly, know what you’re shaving for. Don’t just claim that it’s for cancer when you know well that maybe it’s not entirely for cancer. Many might argue that what’s the point of shaving if a wig is going to go in place of a bald head? But to be honest, if the sole purpose was in spirit of charity, wig or no wig, it doesn’t really matter because you know fairly well that it was meant for support and nothing else. You wouldn’t need the people around you to know that you shaved your head or you went for this event. Not at all. If the basis of argument is that because the wigs are too hot for the weather, is your rebuttal point that you shaved because it was hot? Scanning through the defensive tweets made by the student, I found a lack of the word “charity” or “cancer”. It became all about herself and the plight she was facing online. What happened to “All in favor of cancer”? I didn’t see that. Because I’m pretty sure you didn’t even believe half of this cause. But hey,benefit of doubt given.
Secondly, this saga has been blown way out of proportion and is getting out of hand. Insults at the principal, outsiders cursing the principal saying she should get cancer instead and feel what it’s like to not have hair etc. Question: Why are you so involved in getting your opinions known? Complaining about it on twitter (adults,please,I’m ashamed for you) and creating hashtags for it? Way to go. I applaud you for your two cents worth,but we gladly not take the cheap opinions. Facts > Media. We are all third parties and know nothing about this saga. Another point. Don’t drag the school into this and say the school is an idiot. How would you like for your own school’s 171 years of reputation to be tarnished within a span of a 1000 word article? Every school has their own culture and way of handling things; this time the rules were just being exposed. I do not believe the other schools that criticized ours never laid down their own strict rules and create a rigid system for the students. Hypocrites.
Lastly, the media wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t brought up to them. The student argued that the media went to them instead of them going to the media but I think it’s a weak point to make. Question yourselves: How would the media know unless you make some sort of comment or make a ruckus out of it? Blatantly speaking, you’re just a regular citizen who shaved her head so nobody would even know if you did. I mean, come on, seriously. You’re not a social figure or a celebrity. And if you argue that the situation would have been leaked out sooner or later, my point is : who would have known?
Alright bye currently dealing with other stuff sorry if this ended abruptly!! x


30 Jul

So if I said
Sorry sorry sorry
Would everything be
alright alright alright?
Apologies aren’t meant to be
Like broken records
Sitting on the gramophone
Dances interrupted
Moments paused
In that minute
Something precious
Could have happened
But by belief
Apparently many a times
Of the word Sorry
Would cure everything
Like medicine I drink upon
Those words
Prescribed by society
Drinking a little more medicine
Wouldn’t make it wine
Nor tea
Nor juice
Only a little
Less bitter
What if I sugar coated
My sorry
And feed you the sweet tart
Of apologies
Would everything then be okay?
Or would the poison
Between us both
Still exist


29 Jul

I think I do a lot of stupid things in life. I screw things up like within the snap of a finger. Like a magician,everything just disappears. No trace left.And all that’s probably left are just the words inked in my mind. I mean, it’s probably my fault for being rash and emotional. If this is the point when this part of me ends everything, then it isn’t worth it. Not a single bit. I could say “Hey I’m sorry.” But I’m not like that.I tried. I tried for M. But what happened then? Not a single flower bloomed out of it. So I told her how I felt. No response. Silence. I killed it. So now I’m allowing history to repeat itself. Rewinding every morsel of pain inflicted. I really shouldn’t fucking care. This is so stupid. I need to let go and let God again. I don’t want to be worrying of the future we hold or when I get so insecure about everything that embodies us. The final end? Hope not.