Guy best friend 101

23 Jul

I’ve always wanted a guy best friend be it gay or not but I’ve always thought of the endless situations when there is just that comfortable level of friendship. For example, as weird as it may sound,I want a friendship where I can just walk around half naked and know that nothing is going to be aroused or you get what I mean. Just so comfortable that we can both lie on the same bed and fall asleep and know that aint nothing going to happen that night. Okay,so maybe a few kisses shared would be okay,but that’s it. The imaginary line is drawn there. Isn’t it wonderful to not deal with girls so much and have a guy bff you can turn to? I think it is! It’s just a beautiful friendship that embodies everything and anything. The sad times when you can lie on his chest and cry and he’ll kiss your forehead and say “hey no worries.” Actually I think all that I’ve just said will only happen when I’m 20 and over probably not now. Not that I dont want to, I haven’t developed anything with anyone till that comfortable level.

Till then,


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