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Hair for hope

3 Aug

Hair for hope is meant to raise funds and show support for cancer patients and is held annually. This year, instead of glorifying the event, it made the headlines in a negative way. Now, I’m not saying I don’t support Hair for Hope, after all my mom was a cancer patient. And I truly admire those that went to shave for the sole purpose of giving support to cancer patients and saying “Hey it’s okay to be bald.” Every coin has a flip side and for HFH, there are the few that shaved for the purpose of gaining,to put it bluntly,recognition and attention. It’s kind of like “Look at me I shaved I’ve got the guts to. Do you?” Sure, it takes a whole lot of guts and balls to even register for HFH and eventually shave off a head full of hair but what’s the main motive? Is it really to do it as an act of support or just garner favor and praise from the people around you? If you are from Singapore and read about the saga that’s been created, then you would probably know where this is heading. I won’t waste time to elaborate on the story because to be honest, it’s a very dumb one but I’ve got a few points to put across tonight. Firstly, know what you’re shaving for. Don’t just claim that it’s for cancer when you know well that maybe it’s not entirely for cancer. Many might argue that what’s the point of shaving if a wig is going to go in place of a bald head? But to be honest, if the sole purpose was in spirit of charity, wig or no wig, it doesn’t really matter because you know fairly well that it was meant for support and nothing else. You wouldn’t need the people around you to know that you shaved your head or you went for this event. Not at all. If the basis of argument is that because the wigs are too hot for the weather, is your rebuttal point that you shaved because it was hot? Scanning through the defensive tweets made by the student, I found a lack of the word “charity” or “cancer”. It became all about herself and the plight she was facing online. What happened to “All in favor of cancer”? I didn’t see that. Because I’m pretty sure you didn’t even believe half of this cause. But hey,benefit of doubt given.
Secondly, this saga has been blown way out of proportion and is getting out of hand. Insults at the principal, outsiders cursing the principal saying she should get cancer instead and feel what it’s like to not have hair etc. Question: Why are you so involved in getting your opinions known? Complaining about it on twitter (adults,please,I’m ashamed for you) and creating hashtags for it? Way to go. I applaud you for your two cents worth,but we gladly not take the cheap opinions. Facts > Media. We are all third parties and know nothing about this saga. Another point. Don’t drag the school into this and say the school is an idiot. How would you like for your own school’s 171 years of reputation to be tarnished within a span of a 1000 word article? Every school has their own culture and way of handling things; this time the rules were just being exposed. I do not believe the other schools that criticized ours never laid down their own strict rules and create a rigid system for the students. Hypocrites.
Lastly, the media wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t brought up to them. The student argued that the media went to them instead of them going to the media but I think it’s a weak point to make. Question yourselves: How would the media know unless you make some sort of comment or make a ruckus out of it? Blatantly speaking, you’re just a regular citizen who shaved her head so nobody would even know if you did. I mean, come on, seriously. You’re not a social figure or a celebrity. And if you argue that the situation would have been leaked out sooner or later, my point is : who would have known?
Alright bye currently dealing with other stuff sorry if this ended abruptly!! x



22 May

Just a little sidetrack and update on life
So exams have ended and the results are out tomorrow! I’m quite prepared because I already sort of know my results and the subjects I’ve failed. Am I disappointed?
A little,I must admit. It was not as if I didn’t study for my subjects. Hey, but on a side note, I passed Higher Chinese. [Finally] so I truly truly thank God for his guidance in that subject,and in all really. Even though the results are not favorable, but I believe that my mid year results are definitely not going to be my scores for O levels. I think God told me that my mid year results were not going to be good (so I was more or less expecting that) but that my prelims and O level’s would be the best I’ve seen. I’m comforted by that.
Besides, it’s always good to be positive about the situation. It’s really weird,when I found out that my results were bad,I had inner peace hahahah. I know,oddly enough. And all I can think of these days r the motivation to study and practice practice practice and work my way to overseas studies! So +ve is also really important.
I got to be down for study camp as well for the whole of my holidays! Totally taking it in stride. At least I won’t be lazy and slack at home, so all is good. Also, thankfully, in the middle of it all, I’ll have Legacy camp aka youth camp so I’ll be spending time with Jesus and friends!
Things aren’t always as bad as it seems
[Also if you are wondering, my dad didn’t reprimand me for my results,probably because I finally passed Higher Chinese.]

Again I write

19 May

Again I write about you
I think I need to stop
But I cannot help
My thoughts
They just rise from the grave
I think I am slightly in love
With you again
These thoughts I dig up
From time to time
The words you’ve said to me
Past Tense
We are past tense
Not present
Don’t forget that
I tell myself
What is wrong with me?
For loving you again
I should be setting my eyes
Upon the better ones
Who would probably
Like me more than you do now
If you really cared
Because I really do hope you do
I’ll take that as the best
You can ever give me
And for that
I love you.

(So sorry just thoughts rambling,nothing quite filtered through, done a lot of thinking tonight)

Why I write poems

15 May

There is always something
So much more
Then just penning down poems
For you
Poetry is like my secret hiding cave
Where I keep stacks and stacks
Of the unrequited love
Every feeling I ever felt
Coded into my every word
I often unlock the chest
To bring up those old feelings
once again
So that I could write you
Yet another one
Maybe in a few years
Just give me time
Perhaps I’ll show you
How I really felt
And draw up those days when I felt like a thing called love never existed
I’ll show you the times I’ve written down
Our exchange of words
The little things you did
Of which probably meant this small to you
But trust me
There’s something more than just penning down my poems for you
If you read between those lines
You’ll get it.

“Our world waits outside”

13 May

just a side drift from poetry for a minute

Just finished my lit paper 1 and I was giving a choice between prose and poetry. Now,thinking that I often write poems, I thought I might be able to decipher the deep poem given to me. But alas, I did not understand a single thing it was saying. Don’t get me wrong. The words were not of complicated vocabulary far out from this world or anything. It was just,too simple to extract any meaning out of it besides the persona finally fulfilling his dreams to becoming a novelist. And the first word of the poem was cabbage. Now I see no co-relation between cabbage and dreams. Unless I have a vast knowledge of the growth of cabbage.
Anyway,I chose prose. The prose was hauntingly beautiful. It was actually a really dark story about a girl who is broken and her craving for love and how the broken doll she received on Christmas was likened to her. I know. sounds creepy enough to made into a horror movie. But the thoughts were so deep and the way love was thought as an orange just inspired me to write a poem about love again. yes,it kicks in.
Just to let y’all know, the story is titled “Love orange” by Olive Senior so if you have any interest of perhaps reading it and feeling how I felt, check it out and maybe leave a comment!