23 Aug

So my friends all collected their Mother Tongue O level results for the paper they took in June,today. And many of them got either a c6 or a b3 or a distinction. For those that got a distinction and deserved it, well done!! And I know there are some who worked hard for their Chinese but got a mediocre score, it’s quite sad. But what really annoys me the most are people who aims to only pass Chinese and when they actually do pass Chinese, like a c6 for example, they are really happy about it and think that it’s the most brilliant score ever. For goodness sake, have a little more pride in your roots and Chinese origin and your own mother tongue! It disgusts me how people put in so little effort for Chinese and tell everybody “oh yeah who cares it’s just Chinese!” Have more self respect please. And when they get the C6, they’ll go AWWW YEAH MOTHERFKERS IM DONE WITH CHINESE , well, that already shows how much you’ve put in. I mean, I do have friends who got just a pass in the Chinese O’s and say “ahhh I passed Chinese I’m done here” but they DO hand up their work and well,you know put that small bit of effort in.
And I know it’s ironic that I’m saying put in effort for Chinese when I’m taking Higher Chinese and not handing in my work regularly, but I don’t JUST want to get a c6, I want at least a decent B3 please. And yes, I’ll do my Chinese work.


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