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It’s time

27 Apr

There comes a time when reality surfaces and everything is brought to light. Maybe he is just not THE one.Have I ever thought of the future? Yeah sure I mean who doesn’t really. This feeling of love becomes stronger than any force,it blinds people making them think of the endless vast possibilities.i don’t know maybe its just time. Maybe I was led on by my own thoughts and blindfolded by this thing I presume is called Love.



24 Apr

Even though glass doors
Were meant to be clear
Yet we bump into them
Like I saw a little girl
That day crash into
That glass transparent door
My heart
It felt the exact same way
He can see it
She can see it
Only I couldn’t
Like a trap door
Which I was so obviously
Going to fall into
They told me to give it up
To let it die
But something held on
So strongly


21 Apr

White pillows
Stacked on the bed
As the curtains moved
To a slow dance song
Whistled by the wind
I pressed my cheek
Against the softness
Of the pillow
And allowed my legs
To entwine itself
With the white sheets
Creating a canvas
For my musing
Painting the depth
Of my mind
Nothing anchored it
No one held it down
There was a lighthouse
At the top
But it was too far
Far from help
A boat rocked
On the choppy waters
Of imagination
Of doubt
“It’s going to sink!”
Whispered the air
Nothing could be done
White pillows stacked
Building me a fortress
One push
And I fall deep
Into Alice’s hole


17 Apr

It’s been too long
Underdogs from then
Champions from now
We sweat and cry
Groaning about our bones
And muscles
But what happened in the end
Was the gold that came about
It’s been too long
Fencers being underestimated
Being scorned
Calling us astronauts
With sticks
But look at us
Now just look
Who’s got the last laugh
We did it
We finished the race
The race of endurance
The race of pursuit
We finally got our gold


16 Apr

All you ever left me was a carton of milk. And as I poured it into the glass we deemed as our future, because we could see it so clearly,all that came out was nothing. It was finished. Store bought milk. Expiry date: today

All you ever left me was a puzzle box, empty with nothing to fix, because nothing could be fixed once said I was like a puzzle and you wanted to solve me what happened then? The nights we sat to solve everything, every problem we could, hankering after the missing pieces only to find we lost them. Our fingers no longer laced together to fix that perfect piece only our fingers digging through the box of puzzles

All you ever really left me was you. The thoughts of you.

The rose of confusion

16 Apr

Received a rose
On the very day
Life was breathed into my lungs
The very day
My eyes opened
The rose was beautiful
Blood red
The petals delicate
It was pressed against
My palms
It hurt
The thorns pricked
Every time someone lied
Every time the arrow struck
Each time
The thorns didn’t go away
The petals did
Every beautiful petal
It dropped
Slowly floating down
What beauty
None was left
I was drowning in a sea
Of confusion
Of pain
None of happiness
Only thorns left
The single of trace of

A letter to you

13 Apr

To my future companion,my future best friend, the one who would always be there to comfort me

I’ve always wondered
If you were somewhere out there
And what you might have been doing
whether you were thinking the same as I was
And whether you listened to the same music as I did
The many heartbreaks you might have gone through
Till you find me
To give you the perfect and final puzzle piece
To give you the next sequel to your life
And if you are out there
I hope our paths didnt cross
Because then I might have
Missed seeing your face in the crowd
Maybe you have appeared in my dreams
A slight foggy and vague figure
Yet taking comfort in knowing you are the one
I will draw the constellations for you
To let you know
That even when things turn dark
There are always the stars to guide you
I will share your cup of sorrows and tears
Of hurt and pain
Till it’s empty
Till nothing’s left
So future lover,
Show me a future of hope
A future of warm kisses
And hugs
And cuddles
But till then