29 Jul

I think I do a lot of stupid things in life. I screw things up like within the snap of a finger. Like a magician,everything just disappears. No trace left.And all that’s probably left are just the words inked in my mind. I mean, it’s probably my fault for being rash and emotional. If this is the point when this part of me ends everything, then it isn’t worth it. Not a single bit. I could say “Hey I’m sorry.” But I’m not like that.I tried. I tried for M. But what happened then? Not a single flower bloomed out of it. So I told her how I felt. No response. Silence. I killed it. So now I’m allowing history to repeat itself. Rewinding every morsel of pain inflicted. I really shouldn’t fucking care. This is so stupid. I need to let go and let God again. I don’t want to be worrying of the future we hold or when I get so insecure about everything that embodies us. The final end? Hope not.


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