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28 May

I tend to take a longer glance
At old people when they walk past
Often with their hunched back
And I wonder sometimes
If they wished they could stand straighter or whether it ached
The now curved spine had once held so much stories stored deeply into each marrow
Perhaps it got heavier
Too heavy to bear
Then I glance at their faces
Searching for their younger self
Any signs of past beauty

She was the lady
who kissed her husband’s forehead every morning for twenty years
until about a week ago.
She didn’t understand why
God had taken him away so fast without them leaving to
the greater side together

He was once quite the rebel.
A butterfly tattoo inked on his forearm permanent image
never being erased
“Her name was J. What a beautiful soul.”
Her delicate fingers he often held
Those brown eyes he seen so many time yet he could fall in love with it over and over and over again
The forehead he often kissed so tenderly every night
Butterflies were her favorite insects
“They fly so freely.” She once whispered
She was like a broken soul
Waiting to be loved
He was there

Everyday I read a new story


Salmon pink

28 May

SoOoOoOoOoOo hope life has been treating all of you well! Recently I’ve been thinking how 2013 has been by far the best year yet (besides ’97, my birth year) and how the promises of God has been abundant. It’s nearing June now and almost 5 months of the year has past and these 5 months have been good.
Just an update: Been having salmon the past few days and I cannot get enough of it




Decisions aka overseas studies

23 May

Why must they be so difficult?! Dad just asked me if I was ready for the UK and I just said “yes” but I feel a little uneasy like maybe it’s a little too quick or because I haven’t been to the UK before at all? I should pay a trip to the UK soon if that’s where I’m heading. Hoping I have friends who are going there as well so I won’t be so lonely and fearful )-: I know,I’m terribly timid even though I’m quite a substantial size. Time to ask God about all these

Growing up

23 May

I wish I could write down
Everything that I’ve done wrong
In my life
Compile it into a book
And give it to you
Every single regret I’ve had
Be penned down into the four corners
Of every page
To mark the road to another beginning
Instead of songs and rhymes
I’ll make sure you understand
That even though Mary had a little lamb
Alas,it wouldn’t help you in math
Or science
Or history
But instead create
A childhood for you
Nothing is also more important
Than you naming
Your first pet toy
And remembering that you had the days
When you packed it into your luggage
For the holidays
Pick up a crayon
And use your heart
To draw anything you wish
Let your fingers move
And care not about the ones around you
It’s so important to realize
That living for yourself
Is what truly matters in the end
There will be times
When they call you names
But always know
You can run into mommy’s arms
Or daddy’s chest
One day you’ll fall in love
And put aside a portion
For your soulmate
Love deeply
And fall freely
Do the things that make you
Truly happy
And experience euphoria
That only you can understand
To others
It’s just morse code
Share your kisses
Give your hugs
Most importantly
Don’t rush to grow up


23 May

Got back a few papers today all I can say is I know my results are definitely not by my labour (Definitely not)
Got a 25/30 for my composition and my entire paper one (Plus listening compre) was an A2 but then my paper 2 just had to pull it down. However,still really grateful because the teacher left a comment saying “You write really well indeed” [pleased] I also passed Social Studies (Oh thank God) probably History that pulled everything down.
On a side note, my dad already knows my results and he’s quite okay with it,surprisingly. He’s even thinking of sending me to a better country for overseas studies instead of Australia now! [shocked] but hey,all’s good.


22 May

Just a little sidetrack and update on life
So exams have ended and the results are out tomorrow! I’m quite prepared because I already sort of know my results and the subjects I’ve failed. Am I disappointed?
A little,I must admit. It was not as if I didn’t study for my subjects. Hey, but on a side note, I passed Higher Chinese. [Finally] so I truly truly thank God for his guidance in that subject,and in all really. Even though the results are not favorable, but I believe that my mid year results are definitely not going to be my scores for O levels. I think God told me that my mid year results were not going to be good (so I was more or less expecting that) but that my prelims and O level’s would be the best I’ve seen. I’m comforted by that.
Besides, it’s always good to be positive about the situation. It’s really weird,when I found out that my results were bad,I had inner peace hahahah. I know,oddly enough. And all I can think of these days r the motivation to study and practice practice practice and work my way to overseas studies! So +ve is also really important.
I got to be down for study camp as well for the whole of my holidays! Totally taking it in stride. At least I won’t be lazy and slack at home, so all is good. Also, thankfully, in the middle of it all, I’ll have Legacy camp aka youth camp so I’ll be spending time with Jesus and friends!
Things aren’t always as bad as it seems
[Also if you are wondering, my dad didn’t reprimand me for my results,probably because I finally passed Higher Chinese.]

“Trust me.”

21 May

Perfect autumn day
The red leaves
And orange specks
Adam was only ten
Placing the apple carefully
On the top of his head
He stood underneath a tree
“Dont be scared,trust me.”
His friend said
And picked up the bow and arrow
Adam squeezed his eyes
And then opened it again
He saw the arrow being pulled
And suddenly all he could see
Were the images of his sister
And the days he spent with his friend
Playing ball
Climbing the fences
The way his mother kissed him on the forehead
Her lavender smell wafting through the house
The report card he got just yesterday
How proud his father would be
Looking down from above
How he never got to kiss Sadie
And dry her tears
How in about 3 days his baby brother
Jordan would be born
And how in that last second
He saw himself next to his father
And gave one last smile
As the world was shut off
From the soulless eyes
The arrow struck
Straight in the middle of his forehead