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Giving up

25 Mar

To actually quit is a loser’s game
Losing is like a process that brings about so much more than just winning it makes us think and think really hard about the mistakes made,the chances lost. Quitting is simply to protect one’s tall wall of ego already built.


One day

25 Mar

one day I will:
Tell the one I love that I love him
Go to France,sip latte and eat baguette
Have an intense eye contact with a stranger
Spill secrets whilst drunk with love
Have a heart to heart at midnight Actually write a book
Make someone laugh
Eat pray then love
Hold his hand one day


24 Mar

Maybe I screwed up
Everything that we ever had
Maybe I lost the chance
To sit by the shore and kiss your lips
Maybe I frightened you off
Oh poor soul
Maybe I
Maybe I don’t know what to do

This is my kingdom come

23 Mar


For the friend

20 Mar

As the dark blankets us
With the stars being my light
I lay in bed
Wondering where you might have been
I long for our eyes to speak
A language
No one else can see
For our skin
To be touched
And our fingers
To graze
Hold my hand
Kiss my lips
Show me you want me
And not just a stare
I don’t want to be love’s fool
So give me the reply
With the words mesmerized
Enchant my bones
Thrill me
Or I rather die
Don’t wait till dawn
To give me the lines
Just do it now
So we can be bind


19 Mar


2 am

some are asleep

yet others are already

up in New York

The hugs

And cuddles

The warm lips

The warm skin

Then we broke

And all that was left

Was a trail of forgotten


But the morning’s 2am

Reminded me

Of our passionate tryst

No words

Just my cries

Circa 2009

You kissed me

On the forehead

And whispered

“hey I love you”

Then entwined were our fingers

As we strolled

In central park

Then someone came

And said “This I took for you.”

It was an instant film

And so today’s 2am

Was just a morning like the rest

But inside my head

All I could think was “damn.”


wherefore art thou, morning glory?

19 Mar


As I write this

Coffees are being drunk

Shoes are being worn

Bodies are entwined

But as I write this

I believe you are somewhere

Out there


Maybe not for me

All these days of frenzy

My soul has finally settled


The fact

That you will never love me

As hard as I do

As simple as I do

As madly as I ever will

The future isn’t bleak

My love

Trust me

You are just a faded memory