Thank you!

19 Jul

Been thinking how wonderful 2013 has been and so I just want to list down all my blessings right here starting from the friends I have!


To Cheryl: You’re so so so cute and funky I just want to tell you that I love you so much and thank q for sitting just a table away from me! And in the middle of classes we just make stupid faces at each other and then laugh I enjoy that v v v much! I’m so sad that we only became closer this half of the year and not earlier but I really appreciate anything that we’ve had so far I love u Cheryl!


To Gaya3: Its been such a dope year with you I know we don’t exactly have a cuppa and talk HTHT but I really enjoy being around you b/c you always laugh at my silly jokes so I don’t know whether it’s meant to humor me or you really enjoy it hehe. Nevertheless,you are srsly always cheerful I wonder what gets you down mannnnn. Maybe nothing! Congrats on math improvement also! (So proud) so thank q for being thr always!!


To Ruth: whaaaaaatsup POA budz (along with Vern and Lynn) I still remember like in Ho’s POA class you said I gave you a six-pack and thereafter our friendship just fell into place and idek how!!! And thank youuuu so much for appreciating my poems (my love for you is more than Helga to Arnold) and creating a WordPress!! You are so cool and theoretically deep I’m just like “gurrrrrl I need to learn from the sensei” + your life with leaking onions/Woo is just Oscar worthy. Continue staying beautiful,sexy legs,and adieu! X


To my little cliquety-clique: I swore to myself in sec 3 I wouldn’t get into any clique at all and focus on my studies but guess what??? That didn’t happen because I met y’all (except for faith god-sistering since 2009) and to Zilin,you are the cutest little Asian girl who loves saying saranghaeyo and you are really pretty so stop saying u r fat la okay!! It’s just baby fat and thank you for letting me sing in class next to you. And buzzing about people. And things,really. And Carin, please ah,stop winking at me and abusing us!! Also, don’t PMS so much can?? But you’re still nice la and helpful at times + quite fun to be with when you are in a happy and non-abusive mood!! And faith,thanks for the tolerance towards me like seriously. I think by far you are the only that hasn’t uttered a single hate to me okay maybe in your brain you throw daggers at me but,still. And I know my mood fluctuates like the roller coaster at Six Flags but hey,I’m still funny right?? No. Thanks guys for making my 2012-2013 amazing and delightful and exciting everyday and I mean it.




To my London gurrrrls/wives: i thank God for the days on WA when we spaz about Race Imboden and the tumblr boys we see! + the BBQ where we swore to cook for the London boys. HAHAHAHHA you guys have made fencing enjoyable I mean the previous years were horrible b/c I was shy and rolypoly but now everything has changed!! I will never forget our baking/kids experience and I love all of you so deeply. Je’taime!




To the people I’ve met in my dg: (b/c I can’t say my entire dg per se) You guys are one of the coolest and nicest people I’ve met on earth and each of you have like a talent that is so unique (I mean like Isaiah,come on man,the deejaying is so dope) and to those I’ve grown closer to, I rly don’t know how y’all feel towards me so I’m just gonna assume its positive aaannnnnnd so I thank you for making this 1 year a memorable one and y’know even after we all separate,hopefully things won’t change. Actly,it probably will so what am I saying.

I think that’s about it for now!! This post is dreadfully long and to those friends I’ve missed out. No,you aren’t forgotten. It’s just that it takes me an awfully long time to find pictures! So till next time! x


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