16 Jul

So I took a MBTI test online an hour ago and found out I was an ISFP,in simpler terms,I was a “feeling” kind of person. And so I went to google all the traits of this particular type and the descriptions were all about 91% accurate! It said that ISFPs tend to be artistically inclined and very creative and find the arts as a way to express themselves ( so true ) ISFPs are also considered introverts and after prolonged socializing,would feel a need to spend some time alone. And I thought it was just me being odd and weird and felt like maybe I was lapsing into depression or something haha but no,it’s just my personality type. Also, I am actually a very shy person at first but once I relax around my friends, everything’s good. It also says I’m going to be a very relaxed parent and often let my children do hands on activites! ( how exciting ) and one thing that was really true was that ISFPs tend to like subjects that has immediate relevance to practical situations or to themselves and that’s what I’ve been telling many people! + also, it says ISFPs are inclined towards psychology and I actually really want to take psychology because I personally find it interesting to see the way people think! And I’m also a excellent listener,I mean I really think I’m quite a good listener and adviser tbh
And a lot more that are actually very accurate so go and try out the 5-10 mins test and find out your personality type! It’ll most probably also give you your suitable careers! For mine,it was psychology/design/teacher/anything arts/nurse or service oriented and I rly kind of am interested in psychology/criminology so I’m damn confused now laaaaaaa okay bye

Till then,


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