16 Jul



Went to the highly raved about Pasarbella with my dad about a month ago (I know I apologize)
And expected a buzzing crowd at about 6+ almost 7. But nope,none of that. It was actually very quiet and a lot of the shops were already closed except for the food market which were selling highly priced food and beverages. Disappointment I’ve always told my dad I could perhaps be a food critic (he disapproves) so here’s the little review from a nobody:

Had the seafood paella which came in a paper/plastic material box with everything disposable and the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the paella my dad set on the table was “Wow seafood” It had a pretty sizable portion of seafood so I was glad! The paella,unfortunately,was not piping hot (actly none of the food was) but nonetheless, still gobbled it down. Flavor was perfect, the grain of the rice complementing the seafood with every bite however, the only thing that really put me off was that it was not hot,that’s all.

We also ordered half a chicken from Charly Ts and got the herbed chicken. It had a sweet glaze on the skin of the chicken and the inside was not tender at all. Gordon Ramsay would have screamed “It’s so dry!” No but really. I was quite,for a lack of better word, disappointed once again! Charly Ts sounded like a really good American chicken chain store or something with the glazed chicken roasting in a transparent heated oven,making me salivate. But naw,didn’t work for me.

So we were still hungry and walked around hoping to find food! We chanced upon a stall that was selling Viet food for that week (long story) and so my dad and I shared the beef pho noodles yay for Pho. I have pretty high expectations of Pho because the one at Taka is just mamamia but this one was not too bad! The pho was chewy and had a rather solid feel to it and the different parts of the beef that was served to us was a very generous amount. I cannot even. Thumbs up for pho!!! did I do? I think it’s quite tiring to be a food critic. I have to keep thinking of adjectives to describe. But I have failed. It’s okay.

Till then,


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