13 Jul

So have you ever felt
So deeply for someone
You love the person
With everything that you have
In that small heart of yours
The greatness of love
Didn’t seem to be given back
Now I’m talking about friend
Not lovers
So don’t get me wrong
I’ve had a friend
And I really did love her
With everything
I listened
I tried
I really did
And never once
Did I think I was a bad friend
And within all the days
We spent
Not a second I would ever let go
But maybe it was folly
For me to say everything
That I needed to
Some things I kept close
For a while
And I’m not sorry
I ever said those things
It wasn’t mean
Neither was it hurtful
It was the truth
And suddenly
There were no more
Phone calls
Or texts
Or hellos and goodbyes
Nothing left
All that’s left
Was me feeling
Like something was lost
Vaporized into only thoughts
I can laugh at how
Stupid I’ve been
Giving and giving
And not having the last laugh
I don’t know anymore
I’m okay now I really am
But all I’m feeling is hurt
And disappointment
I expected better
It all drives back home one message
One can never be too truthful


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