9 Jul

“I know I need to lift my eyes up
But I’m too weak
Life just won’t let up
And I know that you can give me rest
So I cry out with all that I have left”

He settled himself and pressed his pocket to check if his wallet and bus card was there. Relief
Placing his backpack on his lap,he unzipped the front pocket and took out the bag that held the wrapped loaf of bread. Jed would love it.It was his favorite. Corn and raisin bread.
Peering out of the bus window,the wind caressing his cheek and ruffling his hair, he glanced at all the children with their mini backpacks and buzz light year shoes and became sad again.

Jed never got to experience that kind of luxury.All he had were color pencils and the four walls. He was exhausted, life was tough. So difficult,everyday. To and fro was a long journey. Leaning his head against his backpack, he smiled and looked at his wallet.
Jed became his happiness. What was sorrow for him turned right back to pure joy. Jed was his life and he couldn’t wait to get home to see his smile again.

“I’m home!Jed!”
“Jed!Papa’s got some bread for you!”
He dropped his keys into the ratan basket and made himself a cup of cocoa to share with his son.
“Jedediah,look what I’ve got for you today…….Jed?”
Everything was quiet and all that remained was the image of his son lying on the bed.Unconscious.His lids were closed and in his hand was a color pencil in red. He dropped to the floor and smoothed Jed’s hair and kissed his cheek. Jed had never looked so peaceful He scanned the area around Jed and found a letter next to him.

I am tired.Lord,please take me away. I want to join mama up there where everything I touch is gold. Let papa be safe and find joy in everything. I am weary. All I ask is for you to bring me up and sing among the angels.

He couldn’t stop sobbing. All his life just gone like this. Jed was his life. Now Jed was gone.


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