3 Jul

My happiness used to revolve
Around you and the imaginary care
and love I invented
Everyday I wrote something
That made me happy
So by 31 December 2013
I would have 365 days
Of happiness
Perhaps more
I unfolded some that I wrote
And realized that at least 1/4
Had your name written on
My life used to spin
On an axis that I drew
Fading as each second ticked
You were happiness
Happy was I
I’ve never regretted you
Not ever
Not even this 184th day
But I have to let you know
That I wished hard
Like a child
How those seconds fading
Would pause
And spin on a real axis
You and I could both draw
And love on
We are just not meant
Like how water and oil
Never mix
We just
To cross each other’s paths
Talk a bit
Create a deep love
Then walk away
Because we
Have better things to do
In our lives
Our lives that will
Never co-exist


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