True love

1 Jul

These few days I’ve been thinking about a particular question and I really want to know : How do you know when true love is right before your eyes? Before you say “Oh my bed is my true love.” Think again. I don’t mean what’s literally in front of you. I really want to find out how would one know when true love is staring right at them. What if true love slips past you and you wouldn’t even realize it. Because you’ve never seen true love. You wouldn’t know how it feels or the way it moves. True love is like a stranger, once met its fate but if never,what happens then? Do we find our second love? Settling for second best? I don’t know. What if true love has already sat by your side,but gone and past,only a facade,merely a face in the crowd you never quite seem to notice because we are all caught up in our own world, “Me myself and I”. Wouldn’t that be sad? Because we don’t have a true love radar or a beep that would sound if it was sitting right next to you or standing in the bus that very morning. I don’t know. Because I haven’t found mine yet. Soon,maybe. Perhaps only 10 years down the road when I walk the aisle or maybe 30 years or only when I get old and crinkly and I realize my next door neighbor happens to be the one. Or maybe even never. I don’t quite know.


One Response to “True love”

  1. CaedaSun July 1, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

    It’s funny, because I believe that your true love… even if they’ve passed right in front of you while you were walking in the heavily populated city or just by happen stance while pumping gas at the gas station or eating a lonely lunch at a restraunt that they, too, were expieriencing and you didn’t even know it… even if that were to happen — I believe that if you never noticed them at all it is only because it wasn’t meant yet for you both to notice each other. As vague and unfortunate as that sounds, there’s so much to true love, I believe. Patience and self-discovery, in my opinion, may be neccesary before bumping into each other. On both person’s parts. It isn’t that one’s true love doesn’t exist, but to find out what that love looks like, you have to know yourself, too. One must be honest with themselves enough to notice how one’s light binds with anothers. One needs to be wise enough to deflect the misguided pursuits of those who are not truly in love but who seek you and even vice versa.

    It seems so complicated — but truly it isn’t as “complex” as it sounds. It’s not an ignorant walk in the park, either. Patience and a heart who is open and seeking TRUE love will eventually find it. But like that trinket that got away from you, it’ll come up when you least expect it. Each person’s story is different. But it’s always a journey. Never settle and never give up on yourself. Love is a gorgeous thing and when you know it… well, you’ll know it. It is just as Shakespeare writes and truly is just as it is in the movies — even if tragic — still very beautiful and real. And that’s the thing… it needs to be real. No one can judge what feels real to you or not but you. So make sure you listen to the deepest part of you. The deepest.

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