25 Jun

So today as I was waiting at the lift,this sudden realization came to me that I didn’t really care about whether or not that certain guy liked me anymore or what he even thought of me through Instagram. I was freeand the feeling of freedom from just something small would make everything feel so much lighter. And then I thought about girls with the fake breasts and the stupid ways they try to make their natural breasts grow much much bigger are actually so insecure. Now,viewing insecurity is a very perspective kind of thing. To each his own. But what they truly crave for is love and attention. And what’s the easiest way that can be done? Through outward appearances. Just need to fill ’em breasts, go for plastic,stuff tissue, make the ass look bigger to do what? To attract people. We always want to impress and impress and make people likeus even more but we don’t see that personality would shine far greater than big breasts and perky butts. Guys don’t really care about the whole breasts thing, at least for the non superficial men. That’s what pornshows you,it shows you that guys love the whole deal about squeezing and touching, but in a few years time,what happens? YOU GROW OLD. So there are things called Botox and fillers but isn’t it tiring? I mean, I wouldn’t want a guy who cares only about his muscles and ripped body thinking I love him for that. No, we want security and maturity and a sense to love someone far greater than self.

Bottom line is, be yourself. Not everybody is going to like you, and you really shouldn’t care about whether your actions are gonna be loved by people who probably won’t matter 10 years down the road (unless of course they are your parents,good friends,teachers etc) don’t tie yourself to bondage, one day you are only gonna get hung from it.
Till then,


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