Legacy camp ‘ 13

22 Jun

I am finally back.Fully loaded with Christ esteem and tips on living life!





Ok so to be clear,this is my first Legacy camp and I’m glad I made it and went for it because boy,let me tell you,the things I’ve received,it definitely cannot be bought with money. It was so filled with the Holy Spirit every step of the way and also the presence of Jesus,the anointing of this camp was so strong! I learnt a whole lot of tips on overcoming the fear of man and also knowing we are His beloved! I actually went to camp with a heavy heart,I literally felt the weight on me and the entire first night I was still so conscious of the heaviness I was telling Jesus to take away the weight. The second night,pastor Ben preached and also ministered and I remembered him saying,”The Lord is telling me some of you here are feeling emotionally broken,and needs the mending.” Something along those lines. I felt a prompting for God to go up there and receive the healing. I hesitated. Because I was afraid. Afraid of being seen by others and them thinking “Oh this girl needs help?Well look at me I don’t need any.” I was truly worried. Then Pastor Ben asked again for those to come up and by this time,a lot were already queuing to receive the spiritual help. Then I saw Daryl going up to receive as well and that was when I was like,”Okay Lord,I’ll go up too.” And I was so glad I did. I broke down when the prayer was said over me and my heart felt so much lighter and less troubled. The works of our Abba father.


I thank God for placing me in Legacy,I mean there MUST have been a purpose for me to be there and maybe I’ll soon find out. I also thank God for placing me in a dg that has pretty amazing people. If I do go UK next year,I’ll miss them. Some of them ahhahah not all,sorry.

Till then,



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