5 Jun

So tonight I had planned to do my social studies work and eat my bowl of Marshmallow pebbles when I received a text from my dear accounting crazy-ass friend,Vernetta about her embarrassing secret and I didn’t know how it led to childhood tv shows. 90’s kids represent sup’.
Anyway, we spent an hour ++ (still ongoing as I type) about the tv shows that no longer exist. Like, Hey Arnold, Catdog, Jimmy Neutron,The Wild thornberry etc. I miss those shows so badly. I want my childhood back!

Sad how these shows got cancelled for whatever reasons but I really think it should be brought back or like have a 90’s shows marathon on tv or something! And then we wound up spazzing about childhood toys like Bratz and Barbie and Pollypocket and the websites we went to like pbskids or disneychannel. Then we became sad and nostalgic about like everything 90’s kids. I also remember how I desperately wanted to try Peanut butter and Jelly because of PB&J otter, those were the times when everything didn’t matter except cartoons. Sigh




The entire conversation texts with Vern tonight was really really really so good haven’t felt so happy about being a child in so long! So you’re probably reading this,VernVern, and I would like to say thank you for tonight’s episode of nostalgia and cartoons xo


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