I love you but not in love with you

4 Jun

All these talk about love
Confuses me
Confusion confuses me
I love the way words
roll around your tongue
When you speak my name
I love your voice
How it hangs there in the air
Creating a string of lights
Like the carnival I’ll never spend
With you
I love how we both match
Our personalities ; Everything
The way we both think
Feel; ask ; touch
How you’ll always show that you care
In the simplest ways yet
Alas, I love everything about you
I love your flaws
I love your words
Your thoughts
I might not be in love with you
I cannot fall into Love’s arms
The saddest part
Is how I confuse both
Believing its the same
But these two cannot coexist
Into one
Neither will our shadows
Not with you
Because I do love you
Not in love with you

(P/s thanks Ruth for the difference hahahahahahahah xo) + Lynn + Vernetta
Special mention for y’all my accounting friends


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