4 Jun

So I’ve always been asked “What’s your ideal date?”
I never liked doing anything sweat worthy in front of boys, let alone someone I’ll date. Running or walking or a picnic is quite out of the question. A typical date would of course be in a restaurant,maybe even French (if you’re lucky) and then stroll down the streets,your hands interlaced. A goodnight kiss at the doorstep would be the perfect end to your fantasy date. I’m joking
Dinner would be nice, if there are things to talk about otherwise I’ll probably be tweeting “Awkward awkward help save me” I wouldn’t want that would I? I’ve always liked a sushi date, sashimi on the plate yo’
Also, shopping could be fun. On the basis, that the guy has a level of fashion sense, duh.
Lots of my friends find that they wouldn’t want a movie date which I semi-agree on. Okay,firstly,I never quite liked the idea of watching a movie with friends at the cinema- a totally exclusive activity. However,
a two person date would be lovely watching movies, romance would set just the right mood. If you control your hormones. Maybe not at the cinema,someone’s house would be brill.
Anyway, felt a compelling urge to write about this because I’ve been thinking about it for quite sometime and I’ve been asked this alot as well so here you have it!


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