Night attempt

3 Jun





Spent day 1 of June / “Summer” with Weiye starting from church (didn’t really feel the presence of God during worship) and then heading to the national library to study for arnd 3 hours? Did some work and then read up on tort law. It was interesting and all those car accidents and mini damage cases are called tort law (If I remember correctly) Good to know
Lets go!”
So we went to Dhoby to get fried mars balls- Can I just say it’s really really delicious? I expected it to be really filling and ultra sinful,but it wasn’t. Bliss in a cup. Had dinner (which wasn’t fantastic) and then we were deciding where else to go to because the night was young and we didn’t have Chinese O’s the next day (rare perk of taking HMT) so we decided upon “Clarke Quay”!!
The pictures made us look like we were in Australia I swear. We expected tons of clubs but it was just drinking bars and a lot of eateries of almost any cuisine. Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai etc. And then, we chanced upon Hooters and gave a little squeal. Hooters,in Singapore?!? You’ve got to be kidding me. Hooters is,btw,an American fast food/drink joint where it is famous for its service by girls dressed more or less not appropriately. You get the gist. Weiye and I were more excited about the fact that Hooters is in SG and our American dream 1/1000 came true
We also went to Gardens by the bay to look at the night sky. Yes,not flowers,the night sky. And attempted to take flash photography of us but to no avail. There was a mysterious light fog in every picture hahahahahahaha.
Any-o-how. Well spent day 1.
Exactly 2 weeks before end of June Intensives and start of Legacy camp I can’t wait!


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