Growing up

23 May

I wish I could write down
Everything that I’ve done wrong
In my life
Compile it into a book
And give it to you
Every single regret I’ve had
Be penned down into the four corners
Of every page
To mark the road to another beginning
Instead of songs and rhymes
I’ll make sure you understand
That even though Mary had a little lamb
Alas,it wouldn’t help you in math
Or science
Or history
But instead create
A childhood for you
Nothing is also more important
Than you naming
Your first pet toy
And remembering that you had the days
When you packed it into your luggage
For the holidays
Pick up a crayon
And use your heart
To draw anything you wish
Let your fingers move
And care not about the ones around you
It’s so important to realize
That living for yourself
Is what truly matters in the end
There will be times
When they call you names
But always know
You can run into mommy’s arms
Or daddy’s chest
One day you’ll fall in love
And put aside a portion
For your soulmate
Love deeply
And fall freely
Do the things that make you
Truly happy
And experience euphoria
That only you can understand
To others
It’s just morse code
Share your kisses
Give your hugs
Most importantly
Don’t rush to grow up


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