22 May

Just a little sidetrack and update on life
So exams have ended and the results are out tomorrow! I’m quite prepared because I already sort of know my results and the subjects I’ve failed. Am I disappointed?
A little,I must admit. It was not as if I didn’t study for my subjects. Hey, but on a side note, I passed Higher Chinese. [Finally] so I truly truly thank God for his guidance in that subject,and in all really. Even though the results are not favorable, but I believe that my mid year results are definitely not going to be my scores for O levels. I think God told me that my mid year results were not going to be good (so I was more or less expecting that) but that my prelims and O level’s would be the best I’ve seen. I’m comforted by that.
Besides, it’s always good to be positive about the situation. It’s really weird,when I found out that my results were bad,I had inner peace hahahah. I know,oddly enough. And all I can think of these days r the motivation to study and practice practice practice and work my way to overseas studies! So +ve is also really important.
I got to be down for study camp as well for the whole of my holidays! Totally taking it in stride. At least I won’t be lazy and slack at home, so all is good. Also, thankfully, in the middle of it all, I’ll have Legacy camp aka youth camp so I’ll be spending time with Jesus and friends!
Things aren’t always as bad as it seems
[Also if you are wondering, my dad didn’t reprimand me for my results,probably because I finally passed Higher Chinese.]


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