“Our world waits outside”

13 May

just a side drift from poetry for a minute

Just finished my lit paper 1 and I was giving a choice between prose and poetry. Now,thinking that I often write poems, I thought I might be able to decipher the deep poem given to me. But alas, I did not understand a single thing it was saying. Don’t get me wrong. The words were not of complicated vocabulary far out from this world or anything. It was just,too simple to extract any meaning out of it besides the persona finally fulfilling his dreams to becoming a novelist. And the first word of the poem was cabbage. Now I see no co-relation between cabbage and dreams. Unless I have a vast knowledge of the growth of cabbage.
Anyway,I chose prose. The prose was hauntingly beautiful. It was actually a really dark story about a girl who is broken and her craving for love and how the broken doll she received on Christmas was likened to her. I know. sounds creepy enough to made into a horror movie. But the thoughts were so deep and the way love was thought as an orange just inspired me to write a poem about love again. yes,it kicks in.
Just to let y’all know, the story is titled “Love orange” by Olive Senior so if you have any interest of perhaps reading it and feeling how I felt, check it out and maybe leave a comment!


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