Just thoughts

13 May

so this birthday
I’ve been thinking things
Lots of them really
And seeing things that i never really noticed
For instance
Who my friends are
The true ones
I know I often speak of gifts
And presents
But when it really matters
I absolutely love birthday texts
And birthday calls
Now, I appreciate the long texts
The ones that bring up delightful memories
Of us
The ones that say “let’s do it again”
Or the ones that promises future birthdays with me again
I don’t need a friend
Who sits up till 12
And just texts saying “Happy birthday”
And that’s all
I see the lack of insincerity
I rather someone to text me
Even when they are studying
Halfway or memorizing formulas
But still think of me
I also love the friends who gives me handmade cards
The ones who spends so much effort in making them even though
It’s exam period
I understand
So when I receive then
Trust me, I’m truly touched
I can tell.
I can tell who are the ones
Who makes an effort and who doesn’t (even for the ones who gives cards)
And thank you for the gift
Even though you are so busy
With subjects and papers
I really love you
So thanks to all my real friends who makes an effort
Thanks Eden,Sonia,Abigail,Claire,Weiye,
Rachael, Ashley,Dallies,Yvette,Felicia,Jodie and Jolin, Bernice,Zilin,Carin,Deborah Tan and Long, gaya and Shushan and many more! and the many others who did IG posts and tweeted me! xx starting to appreciate y’all


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