12 May

Why are we pretending
Like nothing ever happened
Between us both
Hopeless romantics
Trying so hard to scrub
Off every inch of the stained memories
Leaving marks we could easily trace
The first time I felt my heart
Go “batumps batumps”
So fast
I was afraid you might have heard
My eyes were always scanning for you
And if it didn’t meet yours
I felt like I had to keep trying
To find a reason to speak to you
Tell you “your eyes are beautiful”
As soon as I heard you speak
Of another girl
Everything becomes all the more
Confusing and vague
I cannot deny we didn’t coexist
We were too similar
Perhaps those would be the fragments
Left only for me to prick myself
And remind the new me
That this love had hurt
And that I cannot go back
To chasing you again


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