10 May

I felt a compelling need to get this out of my lungs

I think something that really
Saddens me
Is the way beauty is perceived
We see the mega ads
About being busty
And having a toned body
We forget
Somehow that true pure beauty
Comes from within
Because the garden planted inside the heart
Full of roses and daisies
Matters much more than how the gardener looks like
I was searching for inspiration
To prove my point
And saw on tumblr
How celebrities were being photoshopped greatly
Their bust bigger
Waist smaller
Smile brighter
Even the people behind them
Needed to be skinnier
“Because celebrities hang out with skinny people.”
Is this real beauty?
Ask ourselves
Have we ever made friends
Who were not “as pretty”
But they were still as fun
And their looks really didn’t matter
Yes, we all aim to be fit and toned
Have flawless skin
Bigger boobs
Then why don’t we just get Barbie dolls off the shelf and admire them
Why don’t we learn to accept ourselves
We cannot find another “me”
Anywhere else in the world


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