4 May

she was a child
That kept to herself
The world to her
Was full of unwanted noises
The doors would slam
Glasses broke
Voices thrown around
She would pull the blanket
Up all the way to her ears
Furtively glance around
Hoping to find
Someone there for her
She heard about angels
And asked aloud
For them to appear
To be her guardian
To let them take her away
Then one day
Her mother grabbed her
Picked up their luggages
(Her favorite paisley one)
As she ran down the stairs
She could only hear her mother say
“Child it’s going to be okay.”
She loved her mother’s
Lavender scent
It made her fall asleep
Without thinking about anything
And tonight
As she closed her eyes
She saw an angel smiling down at her
Looking at her with lovely eyes
And saying with voice like the harp
“I promised you, child.”


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