3 May

My lips parted to speak a few words
But I could not
Something in me choked up
Swallowed tears
I looked at the mirror
Hoping to find myself
But all I could see
Was the reflection of you
Because I had morphed
Into the likeness of you
Us breathing in the same air
Our forces never collided
Only connected
To form cells that held our DNA
We could never get
Enough of each other
Craving more
And more of each other’s
Skin and lips
So much so
That one day I felt
My lips turn dry without
Your kisses
You had turned into someone
New yet old
I couldn’t recognize this person
Whom I had once called “love”
Whispered “goodnight”
And cried “sorry”
He stared into my eyes
Once so tenderly
And all was left now
Was emptiness
He was once my Camelot
But now it was crumbling walls and plasters
Things were never forgotten
Just put aside
Placed somewhere
Far and deep
Taken out only
When loneliness strikes


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